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Second Skies manufactures a number of different airships for different purposes. Continue reading for a brief description of each airship, or click one of the links on the right for a more thorough description of a particular airship.

2000 series: Modern Marvels

The 2000 series contains our airships with a more modern look and feel.

1900 series: Classical Elegance

The 1900 series contains our airships inspired by the airships of the 20th century and by retro-futuristic worlds like Crimson Skies or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

1800 series: Steampunk Skies

The 1800 series contains our airships designed as if Jules Verne's world were our own.

Older airships

Before Second Skies, there was DreamTech Aeronautics. Three airships were released under the DreamTech name: